Our admission arrangements for Foundation 2 are managed by Wirral Council who run a co-ordinated primary admission scheme across the whole council.  Details of the admission process and policies can be found on the Wirral Council's Admissions Section of their website.  The admissions portal opens in September the year before your child starts school (when they are at nursery) and closes in early January.

Information on the catchment area for Wirral Primary schools can be found at:

Admissions are allocated according to a criteria of:

  • Looked After Children and previously Looked After Children.

  • Parents of the children who live ‘in zone’ and already have older brothers or sisters at the school living in the same household at the time of the start date.

  • Parents of pupils who live ‘in zone’ and have a valid medical reason. You must provide details on the online or paper preference form and this may be checked by a medical officer of the Health Authority. A letter in support from a senior health care professional will be required as evidence.  You need to make it clear why only this school is appropriate for your child’s medical needs.

  • Parents of pupils who live ‘in zone’ and nearest to the school. The Authority measures distances from home to the nearest school pedestrian gate using a computerised mapping system using the shortest road route, unless it is possible to use a footpath which the Authority considers to be a safe walking route. As a general guide we will treat routes with no pavements and no street lighting as unsafe for children.  

If children live outside the school’s catchment area and if places are still available, places will be allocated in accordance with the following criteria:

  • To children who already have older brothers or sisters at the school, living in the same household, when they are due to start. If there are more children with older brothers or sisters at the school than there are places available, priority will be given to children with the youngest brothers or sisters at the school. 

  • To children who have valid medical reasons for going to the school. You must give details on the preference form and this may be checked by a medical officer of the Health Authority.  A letter in support from a senior health care professional will be required as evidence. You need to make it clear why this school is appropriate for your child’s medical needs.

  • To pupils who live nearest to the school. The Authority measures distances from home to the nearest school pedestrian gate using a computerised mapping system using the shortest road route, unless it is possible to use a footpath which the Authority considers to be a safe walking route. As a general guide we will treat routes with no pavements and no street lighting as unsafe for children.

In year admissions for children who are attending another school are also by managed by Wirral Council.  Please contact the admissions department for further details.  Their details are:

Admissions Department

Children and Young People’s Department 

Hamilton Building, Conway Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, Merseyside CH41 4FD

Phone: 0151 606 2000

If your child is at a Wirral Primary School, you must inform the Head Teacher of that school before applying for a place at a different school.

Application forms, further advice and guidance can be found by contacting Ms Alston at the school office on 0151 645 4561.

Please see here to review the schools Admissions Policy.