At Bedford Drive assessment is at the heart of learning and teaching. It incorporates a range of methods to evaluate, measure, record and support the progress of our children. Our assessments are based on the following principles:

  • Assessment is consistent and accurate which is achieved through regular moderation and working with other schools (cluster groups) against national expectations.

  • Assessment feedback will inspire greater effort and belief, that through hard work and practice, more can be achieved.

  • Assessment outcomes recognise each individual’s achievement and next steps in learning.

  • Assessment provides meaningful and understandable information to children, parents, governors and the wider community.

  • Assessment is cyclical and underpins all learning and teaching at Bedford Drive.

Please see below for the school’s performance data, including the most recent Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 results.

 How does our Assessment System work?

Children are assessed by their teachers for a number of objectives in every subject. The combination of how each child performs against these objectives leads to every child being assessed in one of the following four categories for each subject.

Working Below = this child is working below the expectations for their year group.

Working Towards = the child is working within the curriculum for their year group but still has gaps in their learning.

Working At Expected = the child is working securely within the curriculum for their year group.

Working At Greater Depth = the child is working at greater depth and working beyond the expectations for their year group.