Chair of Governors Welcome

Welcome from the Chair of Governors

On behalf of the Governing Body, I am delighted to welcome you to Bedford Drive Primary School.

It is an exciting time to be part of the team at Bedford Drive, as we have just moved into our new school after seven years of planning and preparation. It has been a long journey, often stressful, but we think that the effort has all been worth it when you see the outstanding new building and our fantastic grounds.  It is a school now more than capable of delivering a first class 21st century ready education for all our pupils.

As Governors, we have high expectations for our staff and students and our primary aim is to ensure that all children that come through our school does the best that they possibly can in all areas of life. We aim to Inspire them and each other, to Believe in themselves and each other and lastly to Succeed in all areas of life.

Over the past five years in particular, the school has made massive progress in both achievement and attainment and we are now rated a “Good” school in all areas under the new Ofsted framework. Our aim as a governing body is to support our staff and senior leaders to help continue these improvements still further to offer the best possible education for our children.

We are delighted to see that our roll numbers are increasing as the positivity surrounding the school is shared within the local community. As Governors, we are confident that sending your child to Bedford Drive Primary School is a wise choice to enable them to acquire the skills they will need not just when they move on to secondary school, but throughout life in general.

As a governing body, our primary function is to ensure that Bedford Drive has a clear strategic direction, that we are acting as a ‘critical friend’ to the head teacher and staff. We also strive to ensure that the school spends the money we receive sensibly and that what we spend it only drives on the improvements that we are driving to achieve across all areas of school.

We have a diverse governing body with representatives from all walks of life. Between us, we take our responsibilities very seriously and we believe we have the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure that Bedford Drive continues to deliver positive results for all children that attend our school.

I am proud to be Chair of Governors of Bedford Drive, filled with your gifted, talented, bright, imaginative children and supported by a professional, caring and diligent staff that will do their utmost to ensure that every child gets all the opportunities they need to grow, learn and develop.

There’s never a dull moment at Bedford Drive Primary School, but I believe we are now at the start of a bright new future for the school, staff, children and local community.

Thank you for reading and read on to find out more about the Bedford Drive Governing Body.

Mr. John