A Message from Mrs Bridges

I am the proud Headteacher of Bedford Drive Primary School which is a happy, caring and friendly school with high aspirations for each and every one of our children. In September 2016 we moved into our newly built school, which will enable teaching and learning to be even more inspirational and exciting.

Bedford Drive Primary School is a school where children are Inspired, given the ability to Believe in themselves and encouraged to Succeed in whatever they choose to do, whether it be singing, playing the violin, skyping a Scientist in NASA or launching a balloon containing a camera into space, to get photographs of Earth.  

Staff care passionately about the aspirations of all children at Bedford Drive and our focus on basic skills prepares all our children for lifelong learning. We believe in developing the ‘whole child’ so that our children are prepared for the next stage in learning and life. We believe who the children are, and who they become is equally as important as what they achieve or attain.

Our ethos is to enable our children to become, Successful Learners, Confident Individuals and Responsible Citizens with an understanding of themselves, local community and the wider world. As such, we promote diversity, equality and tolerance.

To support the development of our children into successful rounded adults we also develop attitudes to learning through the 5Rs: Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness, Responsiveness and Responsibility.

Staff provide exciting opportunities and challenge throughout all areas of the curriculum, making school an exciting and inspiring place to be. We use the ‘Learning Challenge’ approach to support our curriculum and promote curiosity, investigation and problem solving. The children enjoy the themes in the curriculum and as a result they respond and engage enthusiastically.

Bedford Drive Primary School is an inclusive school where we cater for the needs of all children to the best of our ability. We develop strong relationships with our parents and carers and encourage you to share in the learning journey of your child and become involved in school life. Parents are invited to share learning during parents evening, open afternoons, class assemblies. We also offer a number of workshops for parents to develop their own skills alongside the children;the cooking one is very popular!

We are very proud of our school and its continuing success. This is down to the strong relationships between all members of our school community and our amazing children.

We aim to continually improve and ensure our school delivers the highest professional standards.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rebecca Bridges