Since September 2019, Bedford Drive Primary School have employed a Forest School Practitioner to promote the forest school and outdoor learning ethos.

We have seen a difference in the confidence levels of the children, they are more empowered as they begin to learn more about their natural environment.
In todays society, children are experiencing increased stress due to school pressures, tests and even social media even at primary level.  We can see that the development of the forest school has had a positive impact on our children's health and mental well-being with their creative skills being tapped into and calculated risks being investigated through activities such as supervised fire building.

We believe that these positive changes will assist our children to be the best they can be and will give them an insight into something that perhaps they wouldn't ordinarily have.
We would like to further expand our knowledge and experience in the forest school field to be able to pass this on to our children.  Further exposure for our Forest School Practitioner to other establishments will enable this to happen.  We look forward to our future growth in this area.

Quote from Mrs Stewart
Forest School has been a great opportunity for Year 6 to develop skills that some pupils have never experienced. The sessions have improved their team work skills, developed their resilience and boosted their self-esteem, whilst engaging them in learning in a whole new way. But perhaps most important of all- they love it!
Quote from Mrs Heywood
Children have developed resilience and determination through forest school. They have freedom to explore and use their imaginations to develop their team work skills.
Quote from Miss Davies
Forest school has allowed the children to flourish, thrive and blossom into more independent and confident children.
It has given the children the chance to conquer unknown fears and become more resilient in themselves and others.
Quote from Miss Callanan
Forest school promotes awe and wonder
Quote from Mrs Cartledge
All my class look forward to outdoor learning. The carefully chosen activities have had a positive impact on them encouraging them to develop a range of skills including teamwork, empathy for others, resilience, confidence and a sense of independence. It is a joy to observe the children communicating creatively to solve problems, whilst developing new skills.
Quote from Mrs McFarlane
Forest school has been a great success, the children have embraced the opportunity to learn new skills, develop their independence as well as developing their team building skills whilst having fun. It is the highlight of our week and year 5 look forward to the challenges that await them in the next sessions.
Quote from Mrs Gordon
The children love forest school and really look forward to it. They have learnt how to work collaboratively whilst developing new and exciting skills.
Learning outside, in nature, is something which inspires the KS1 children greatly.
Quote from Mrs Callanan
Forest school provides opportunities for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning within each activity. Forest school promotes awe and wonder in the natural environment.